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Lucid.net London Limited is a web development and photographic company which specialises in producing independent quality, quick turnaround work. We provide a full bespoke service. We turn your branding vision into reality, putting modern technology at your finger tips.

We have our own Photographers, Developers and Designers who can provide images and graphics to really set your site apart from the rest. We take your corporate identity and translating it in to a striking presence.

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Whether you are new to web design, have a site of your own, are thinking of getting one, or just want further information, we hope you will find something to interest you.

The web is a wonderful place to showcase your talent, promote yourself or your business but there are pitfalls for the unwary. It is often hard to find where to start. Even after you have decided what you want to do, can you believe everything you read?

With us you can!

Your site should be an extension of what you already do. It should be dynamic part of your business not a complicated hindrance you’d rather forget than because it’s too complicated to manage. We don’t use stock which would make your site look like everyone else’s we shoot high quality images which present your company or brand in the best light.

So relax, let us do the hard work and build a solution which grows with your business.

We don’t believe in tie-ins, complicated contracts, or other such nonsense. We know you want to have a site up and running and working for you quickly. More importantly you want to know it works out of the box on day one and want to look fantastic.

We help you achieve your aims on the internet.

From bespoke hand coded masterpieces to Content Management Systems which allow you to be free of the need of a webmaster for day to day running and maintenance.

We focus on ensuring your site is future proof, and also advise on expansion and development which compliments your business objectives.

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