New NCC Start-up Team SiteConsumer Focus is an organisation which was created with the merger of Postwatch, energywatch and the National Consumer Council.  The idea behind this was to provide a one-stop shop for consumer issues.

During the merger process there was an team of people putting in place this transition and transfer which was called the New NCC Start-up Team.

In order to effectively communicate with staff members from all 3 organisations they wanted a website which provided consistent communications through out.

Funds were limited they asked up to produce a site which had both a forum for staff and allowed the communications and HR teams to update and publish information as it became available.

As there had been no decision on branding or indeed logos or even at that point a Brand Name the site was very basic with limited design cues.

Consumer Focus Consultation SiteOnce things had been address and the Name was decided.  We did a site refresh to incorporate the new brand identity.

We also incorporate this design into a secondary site which allowed stakeholders to comment and give opinion on the new Annual Report and Forward Work Programme Consumer Focus were planning.

In all Three sites were built one with the original non design in Green and two in the corporate colours in Purple.

These sites were used after the merger and subsequent redundancies to inform former staff and provide them with opportunity to communicate to the organisation in case of any ongoing issues..

These short lifetime sites were then merged into the main Consumer Focus site. 

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