Energywatch Home PageThe gas and electricity consumer council website.

Prior to the merger of energywatch, Postwatch and the National Consumer to create Consumer Focus we maintained this site on a day to day basis which included uploads, sub-sites creation, design reworking. As well as advising on web standards and accessibility

During it's time the site it was regularly featured on the BBC news sites and we oversaw an increase in both media and public attention. The site regularly had visitor numbers in excess of 30,000 per month and by the time of it's closure it had received over 4.5 million visitors. As well as handling around 50% of their consumer contact.

So successful was the the site, we increased their web provision services by providing development plans both of the site and to expand the scope for the existing web department. 

This expansion saw inclusion of the Postwatch site, the Consumer Action Network and a number of other specific and targeted consumer sites.

The site also worked in collaboration with the Which? consumer services to provide impartial pricing information and allowed users to sign up for price change notifications which would be emailed to users who'd signed up for this service.

Energyfuture Home PageEnergywatch sub-site - Energy Future

The gas and electricity consumer council decided to launch an environmental and alternative energy site following the publication of the UK Governments energy review and asked us to design, build and maintain the site for them. As well as designing their brand identity, logo and logo type.

The purpose of the site was to gain public opinion on energy sourcing for the UK.

We choose to utilise a bespoke content management system which allowed Energywatch staff to update and maintain the day to day running which reduced significantly their overhead. As well as advising on web standards and accessibility.

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