Free London ListingsFree London Listings is a site dedicated to providing free or nearly free events for people within London.  We were contacted by our client to provide an easy to use site with the main aim of allowing people to list their own events if they met the criteria for the site.

Such has been it's popularity that it has now regular been featured in the Evening Standard, Sunday Telegraph and other National newspapers and website's.

It now has a better ranking in search engines than most of its competitors including the larger more famous sites such as Time Out.  The site has over 90,000 unique visitors a month. 

While some companies may tell you how many hits they have we believe in monitoring site visits not by how many site assets are downloaded on a page (each item counting as a hit so the map image, the site example, the menu javascript etc on this page would all count as hits even though you are one person reading this page), we believe in counting unique visits to assess a sites success.  A unique visit is where the person visiting the site is record once on one page and then not recorded again for a further half an hour.  See our SEO section for more information.

This site features some 1000 or so weekly updated events serving these to a large user base of over 1000 separate event organisers.  It has been optimised for mobile browsing as well as via a third party group having it's own iPhone application.

As a testament to the ease of use of our sites the day to day running is maintained by just a few people and security updates and development is provided by us.   Lucid London also provided the majority of the images for the site and created the sites logo and branding.

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