Recent Clients

We have an ever changing portfolio of clients who come to us for both photography and web work.   Listed here are only the most recent clients; a full portfolio is available on request.

We have produced a number of sites for a wide range of clients. On each occasion we have taken our clients ideas concepts and then developed them to produce high specification site which mirror their own promotional agenda and improve their corporate image.

Take a look for yourself, no matter what need or purpose you have for your site at Lucid London we can accommodate it. At a price which suits your budget. We can provide everything from bespoke sites tailored to users needs through to custom template sites designed for maximum promotional impact.

We have experts in email campaigns, web promotion and site development who will take your idea for a site and maximise it's potential and impact.

In recent evaluations made on behalf of one of our clients sites rated it as being one the top 100,000 sites on the internet, their competitors sites were not.

Our sites can cope with ever increasing demand from users and are programmed with the latest technology and comply with all current accessibility, usability and information architecture standards. We understand what is needed to promote your site to get your message out to the widest possible audience.  Our sites have reached millions of users, literally, take a look for yourself.

We work with clients from all ends of the spectrum.  We are competent and confident we can meet your specific needs.   From Charities and Government Bodies to International Clubs, small one person sites to major corporations we have a product to designed for you.

Our sites are the de facto reference source for major brands, but aren't impossibly expensive and provide a consistent standard across all fields,regardless of budget. Whatever your budget or your sites aims we can and do provide a suitable solution.  Often for less than you'd think.

With a new website appearing every second of every day you can be sure we will take your idea and make it prominent amongst the millions of others. 

We have a proven track record of reaching millions of internet users Contact us to take advantage of our expertise.

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