Out of date information only makes people turn away. There are many sites on the Web with this problem. If you have done any browsing you will have seen some. It is essential to keep your site fresh, updated, new and interesting.

If you are able to code in HTML and upload Web pages you may wish to undertake this yourself. If not, we can manage your site for a reasonable monthly charge.

For sites with a high rate of change e.g. online catalogues, ecommerce, news sites etc. there is a further option. We can set up a bespoke content management system which allows you to generate new pages in a standard format without needing any technical skills, as you bring out new or improved products. Alternatively, we can set up a ‘Web Master’ package tailored to your needs and wallet.

We produce tailored CMS systems which are up to date and have the most modern code and support available.

We use Open Source systems to archive this, which reduces your costs and ongoing overheads but more importantly we feel it doesn't tie you to one provider.  We don't want clients to be stuck with us as they would be because they are on a proprietary system which has limited function and hasn't grown with your business.  We believe you should be able to get your on going development from any source you want, as it's your site. 

Our experience has shown a number of companies tie clients into their way of doing things and these packages often are off the shelf and limited.  We have yet to meet a client who is happy about having their site development restricted.  Clients often express two sentiments to us the first is:

All we want to do is this, but we're told our site can't do that

The second is: 

We want to do this but the costs seem unreasonable

We have no such tie in's, you are free to chose your own support or maintenance contracts and because of the nature of the systems we use there are plenty of other providers out their who will pick up your site and can develop it should you decide you no longer want this service from us.

The other common complaint is it is too complicated to self update a site and clients have to go back to their developers to have even minor amendments made.  Our CMS systems put you back in control of your site and it's content.  If you have experience in using standard word processing software then you will find it a familiar environment.

As it should be.  Again no tie ins and no hidden surprises.

If you are coming back to us as a client we want this to be because of our service and the quality of our work not because you have no other choice.

We do however recognise this fluid way of working is sometimes too vague for larger organisations and corporate's, and we can offer standard contract terms and conditions for set periods and enterprise level support if it's required.

The majority of our clients have however remained with us once we have established our working relationship without the need for them, and our on going client list is testament to this innovative way of working.

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