Search Engine Optimisation. You've got your website built, it's ready to launch to the world for them to come flocking to your site but when you type in you name into a search engine nothing appears, frustrating isn't it?

At Lucid London we don't make promises, we won't blind you with science, we don't guarantee anything. An odd claim you might think for a development company. What we can say however, is that our clients have never paid to appear at the top of search engine rankings, and yet under their chosen search terms they are there. Every time.  Over 4 million visitors have found our clients sites

We don't use tricks, fancy terms, we don't even tell you we are doing it as though it were some added bonus or secret alchemy. We use good old fashioned tried and tested methods of optimising your site and making it so attractive search engines gobble them up.

Indeed, we are so successful Alexia features some of our clients sites in it's top 100,000 website's on the internet, and when you consider that Microsoft claim a new website is created every 7 seconds, that's some doing.

Get your site noticed, let us optimise your potential today.

Promote your site

There are several million pages of information on the Web. How will potential clients and interested parties find yours?

The key to making your website a success will depend on how well your website is marketed and promoted. It is important to think about it from the beginning when a new site is designed.

This cannot be done in isolation. Your website must be included in your marketing plans and integrated with everything else you are doing. Don't panic if you do not yet have any definite plans, working in partnership Lucid London can help you find the best way forward.

Along with good Usability, Information Architecture should be considered any companies principal priority in all aspects of their business and will greatly enhance profits.  See our Related Items box for more information on having your site Appraised for it's Usability or having it Built, Developed or Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to make most effective use of your Information Architecture.

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