Site development can be a tricky process with many pitfalls for the unwary.  Lack of decent structure or clear brief and the every present spectre of function creep can end up costing you significantly not just in financial terms but also in time.

We put together structured development plans which can be for specific site areas or entire sites. We can take your existing site and remodel it to fit in with your present business need and also provide a blue print for further development. 

We offer two types of development plans:

  • Principal Development plans
  • Phased Development plans

Principal Development plans

Principal Development plans are for new builds or remodeling and offer a blue print for your design brief. They contain all the work to be undertaken for your site and are fixed with no amendments allowed after the design brief. sign off.  Principal Development plans contain all the work which will be undertaken in this development and are billed as an individual set piece of work.

Phased Development plans

Phased Development plans are for ongoing development or if you are not able to afford the cost of a Principal Development plan.   These plans are opened ended and will included development which allows your site to grow without being tied in to a longer term Principal Development plan contract.   The cost of the development work is spread over the time period agreed for development.  This reduces costs to manageable amounts and allow for greater flexibility in terms of additions or amendments to the des gin brief. If your development is being done to a budget we can provide you with a schedule of development which will allow you to pick the areas of the site to be developed over a set period of time.  Although individually each development stage within Phased Development plans may be cheaper it may work out more expensive to develop your site in this manner however Phased Development plans are limited only by your time and finances.

Both plans are not undertaken until a signed off Design Brief is completed and require 50% of the full cost of the development up front as well as requiring a full Site Appraisal.

Our process is simple we do a Site Appraisal which will highlight the areas of your site which need improving or optimising as well as the costing of any improvements or feature sets which you require.   On agreement these plans are then formalised into a design brief and this is then implemented.

We do not undertake work without the completion of a design brief and agreement to one of these two plans.

Along with good Usability, Information Architecture should be considered any companies principal priority in all aspects of their business and will greatly enhance profits.  See our Related Items box for more information on having your site Appraised for it's Usability or having it Built, Developed or Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to make most effective use of your Information Architecture.

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