Information Architecture can best be described as a filing system for your content.  If you place content in a logical order it is easy to find.

The average web user will spend no more than 30 seconds on a web page looking for the information they want or the will return to their search engine results and look elsewhere.  Good Information Architecture helps you capture these users and direct them to the area of your content which will provide them with the information they want.

A lot of website's start off with good intentions but then have additions made to them over the time.  There are different competing priorities for your company or organisation which means often the Information Architectures compromised to promote or publicise a particular feature.

This often leads users to find sites confusing and make them difficult for you to maintain.  Content is often duplicated and can go out of date or there can be version control issues where several differing versions are on the site in different places.

All this harms the success of your site and also damages your companies professional reputation. 

Lucid London are Nielsen Norman Group trained Usability and Information Architecture experts (industry leading, internationally recognised, definitive experts on Usability and Information Architecture).

We can advise on the best way to promote your content whilst maximising your sites potential.  Done in the right way Information Architecture can have significant impact not just your sites day to day maintenance and upkeep but also in how you run your company.  The efficiencies gained from decent Information Architecture can be replicated across your company and can in some instances save you millions in lost revenue and time.

Along with good Usability, Information Architecture should be considered any companies principal priority in all aspects of their business and will greatly enhance profits.  See our Related Items box for more information on having your site Appraised for it's Usability or having it Built, Developed or Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to make most effective use of your Information Architecture.

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