Ever asked your self one of the following:

  • Why your rivals site is doing better than yours? 
  • Why is it your site isn't high up the search engine rankings? 
  • Why do clients always email you asking if you do certain thing and yet the information is right there on your site?
  • Is the site really promoting your product properly?
  • How do we get more people to go to this page?

Lucid London can carry out a site appraisal and highlight the areas where your site can be improved. 

We can evaluate your existing site and give it a tune up.  Often it's small things which can be changed on your existing site which are relatively inexpensive which will make a significant difference.

Often this is carried out as part of a Development Plan when a client has requested a remodeling of their site. At this stage we would fully evaluate the entire site to find it's core purpose and key communication objectives.

Your website should be an extension of your company or organisation.  It should work with it in a coherent fashion which maximises its potential as a full part of your over all business.  Often we find due to less than optimal site design, poor information architecture and inconsistent development sites are considered as a separate part of the business.  This not only damages your brand but also under utilises a key resource for them .

If you are a sole trader or a multinational your site should be seen as integral to your business and in many cases can resolve a number of day to day issues which would otherwise take up time and cost money.   A well thought out site will also provide additional revenue streams even if it has no ecommerce system attached to it.

It can be your swiss army knife of communication tools.  It is capable of more sustainable and efficient growth than any other area of your business.

Along with good Usability, Information Architecture should be considered any companies principal priority in all aspects of their business and will greatly enhance profits.  See our Related Items box for more information on having your site Appraised for it's Usability or having it Built, Developed or Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to make most effective use of your Information Architecture.

Contact us and we can tell you how to maximise your site.

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